About me

I'm a Jersey girl, which means I'm always going to speak my mind ... and also that it took me until I was 22 years old to learn how to pump my own gas.

I've loved sports for as long as I can remember. When I wasn't playing softball, tennis or basketball, I was plopped on the couch watching games with my father. By middle school, I was the only girl I knew asking for a Peyton Manning jersey for Christmas — and by high school, I was in all my friends' fantasy football leagues.

Nothing felt forced; it all came so naturally. I loved competition, appreciated athleticism and devoured features on my favorite athletes, eager to understand them better off the field or court.

A strike of fortune during my first week on campus in college is what led me down this path, into this field. I'd always loved sports and reading about sports, yet I'd never made the connection that it was something I could pursue ... until a brand-new friend suggested I give it a try. I'm grateful for her encouragement every day.

Fast-forward nearly 10 years, and I found myself covering college basketball and college football nationally for one of the biggest newspapers in the nation. I also sprear-headed our Olympic swimming coverage, which is a wonderful challenge and even better opportunity. 

Now, I'm a senior writer covering college football for The Athletic, a premium, subscription-based sports website.

What I've learned most over the past decade I've spent stringing words together to explain a wacky play or to go in-depth on a misunderstood athlete is that I must adapt constantly. The media landscape is ever-changing, and there's always a new, interesting way to express myself and the content of my stories. I've got to keep my eyes open and creativity flowing.

I pride myself in my ability to handle breaking news at all hours, analyzing  it quickly and thoroughly. I can also identify and write fun, buzzy items that have the potential to go viral. And, the most rewarding part of the job: I get to dig deeper to write thought-provoking, in-depth stories.

Hopefully, through the pages of this site, you’ll see I can do all of the above — and get readers to care about the people, not just the players, they see every week on television.

Happy reading!


Taking notes while embedded with No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins at the 2014 NBA draft. Photo: NBA, via Instagram


  • The Athletic: (08/17 -- present)

  • USA TODAY Sports: (09/11 -- present)

  • The Boston Globe: (06/11 -- 08/11)

  • The Detroit Free Press: (03/09 -- 11/09)

  • Cape Cod Times: (06/09 -- 08/09)

  • The Trentonian: (05/08 -- 08/08)

  • Additional bylines: Wall Street Journal, SI.com, ESPN.com


  • Big Ten Network (08/14 -- present): I work as a college football studio analyst, appearing weekly on set in Chicago. (Fewer than a handful of women give opinions about college football on national television. I am one of them.)

  • Additional national appearances: MSNBC, CBS Sports Network



  • U.S. Basketball Writers Association Best Writing Contest: 2018, First place, moderate-length feature story

  • Football Writers Association of America Best Writing Contest: 2018, Third place, game story

  • U.S. Basketball Writers Association Rising Star: 2017

  • U.S. Basketball Writers Association Best Writing Contest: 2013, Third place, game story/spot news

  • Big Ten Conference William R. Reed Award: 2011

  • Ray O'Hara Sports Writing Award: 2009, 2010

  • Morris-Wasserstein Award: 2009, 2010